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my grandfather has been in the hospital since November. He has congestive heart failure, failing kidneys, emphysema and he had pneumonia for about a month. He's 86 years old, so it took a lot of time for his body to bounce back from it all. Finally, after a ton of weight loss, a tracheotomy, much medicaton and constant visits by our family, on Wednesday, he was sitting upright and talking and laughing with my Uncle Sal in the early afternoon. Everything was gonna be alright - I could finally breathe a sigh of relief - we all could.

Until yesterday around 3pm. They took my Grandpop downstairs to give him his bi-weekly routine of dialysis and suddenly, in the middle of it, his heart just STOPPED. They did all they could to revive him and finally, after 10 minutes, they brought him back. Now he can't talk, walk, move or anything else. They have him on a huge dose of Morphine to kill his pain. I was saying goodbye to my best friend in the world last night - we were both crying our eyes out and then the phone call came from my father - "Come to the hospital - we are going to pull the plug. Your Grandfather is like a vegetable and we can't watch him suffer anymore. We are waiting for you to come before we do it." Well I about lost my mind and rushed to the hospital. They pulled the plug, which is actually the oxygen mask. My entire family was there - there are a TON of aunts, uncles and cousins in one small room. We all stood around his bed and held him, telling him how much we love him and that it's ok for him to let go. We all cried non-stop waiting for the inevitable; but he kept on keepin' on. I was there until 1:30AM. Then I decided I was gonna go home, because my cousin Joanne is a nurse and she said he could die instantly or he can hold on up to about a week because his vitals were so strong. He was breathing at 100% by himself. The nurse said not to get carried away - he's still dying, but we just don't know when.

I am not a religious woman, but I ask for your prayers at this time. Either that, or just keep us in your thoughts. I am hanging on a string waiting for this inevitable and depressing news. I feel like my heart is in my mouth.
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