Josie (fiorebianca) wrote,

to LEAH (because I am NOT afraid to say names)

You know how you just go on about your business and live your life without bullshit drama, and yet people still blame you for shit that they brought upon themselves by being evil bitches? Yeah. I know how that is.

Guess what, loser? Blame yourself for YOUR losses because you wouldn't know something good if it smacked you right in your fat face. One more thing: keep my name out of your mouth. I don't talk about you, don't want to see you, don't care about you and don't wanna know you anymore - wasted enough precious time on you. Your name is erased from my mind, replaced only by disgust and pity for you, because you have nothing better to do with your sad life than put blame on others who mind their own business. Did you ever think that the problem might be you? You are irrelevant, pitiful, corny, a user, and a backstabbing bitch, to boot. Took a while to see the truth but now it's out there and I am NOT the only one who sees it; I have no desire to turn anyone against you - you are doing a mighty fine job of that yourself. I remember when you used to judge people on their actions, not based on what other dumbasses told you. Those days are long gone for you, my dear - only to be replaced with self-induced bitterness and anger based on something that you have NO idea whether is true or not! Do you have any idea how many times people have told me you were saying shit about ME? Did I care? Did I confront you? NO. Three reasons why: 1) how do I know if it's true or if it was just instigated, 2) I have enough to worry about in my life to give your existence a second thought, and 3) I really could care less what you think or how you feel because I know the TRUTH. I am still gonna sleep at night. Go away. "JOSIE" should no longer be in your vocabulary. Get a life, fucktard! Stop causing DRAMA. Learn to take the blame for turning people on you, cause you did it yourself and I had no hand in it at all. You have more beef with me? Be an adult and say it to my face, bitch.

Thank you, drive safely.
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