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mama mia

20 November
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My name is Josie - I am 25 and from Philadelphia. I am a SCORPIO, have a great sense of humor and I am VERY honest. I am going to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and I am currently working at a law firm as a lowly file clerk. And that is all I can think of sayin' at this point. Want more of "The JO"? Well come and talk to me, baby! :P
80's rock 'n' roll, ac/dc, adam sandler, afi, alice cooper, alternative music, amusement parks, andrew dice clay, anne rice, art, basketball, black, black hair, black sabbath, blood red hair, bon jovi, books, bright orange, bright purple, buckcherry, butter pecan ice cream, buttery nipples, cake, candles, cats, cheesesteaks, chocolate, christopher walken, cinderella(the band), classic rock, clubbing, comedy, concerts, dave attell, dave chapelle, davey havok, daydreaming, def leppard, dirty talk, disorderlies, disturbed, dragons, drawing, dreams, drowning pool, ducks, easy money, ed norton, fantasies, felicity, forrest gump, frangelico, freaks, garbage, gelato, george carlin, ghost stories, ghost towns, godsmack, good charlotte, good conversation, good conversations, goodfellas, goth, graphic design, grease, guns 'n' roses, halloween, handcuffs, haunted houses, heavy metal, hole, horror movies, humor, intelligent arguments, interview with a vampire, italian culture, italian food, italian men, jack black, leather pants, linkin park, live, mafia, makeup, malibu and pineapple, marilyn manson, memories, men, men with long hair, mitch hedberg, motorcycles, movies, nerf herder, new orleans, nicolas cage, nin, nine inch nails, nuts 'n' berries, offspring, ozzy osbourne, p.o.d., papa roach, paranormal phenomenons, pasta, peanut m&m's, peter steele, photoshop, pina colada, pinball, poetry, red, rob zombie, robert deniro, rodney dangerfield, romance, roses, salvador dali, seinfeld reruns, serial killer stories, sex talk, shrimp, simple plan, skid row, skinny guys, sliding doors, smashing pumpkins, smoking, south street, stabbing westward, staind, summer, tarot cards, that 70's show, the crow, the cure, the doors, the scorpions, thomas kinkade, tiger lilies, tom hanks, trent reznor, type o negative, union underground, vampires, wrestling