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I am so happy, I think I could just pop

Last night was one of the best nights of my entire life. I went to see Nine Inch Nails at the Electric Factory. Words cannot describe the excitement, joy, happiness, warmth, familiarity, and amazingly connected feeling that came over me last night and today, the aftermath.

I wasn't going to go because I had the hardest time getting tickets off of ebay since Ticketmaster sold out in 3 minutes (for 2 separate days, mind you.)

I fought with ebay for 2 mnths straight trying t win tickets - either they went all the way up to $450, or I'd be winning and then I'd get outbid like a minute before the end of the auction. Then it happened...

I called my friend Jay on Monday night to whine about how I am not gonna go to the concert and how I keep getting outbid, yadda-yadda. Well so then he looks at my account and says, "OMIGOD, JO! You WON!!!" I was like, "no way - you are full of shit! Stop playing around." And then he said it was true - I won about an hour before I called him (approximately 1:30am?). So I proceeded to shite my pants. Well, not really. I actually just hooted and hollered outside for a good 20 minutes. The poor guy's eardrum just gave in and shriveled up and died. I actually CRIED when I found out I won! (I know, I'm a dork - shut up).

What an amazing show - I'll write about it later, I swear. I know I've been pretty non-existent lately, but I really have been busy as a bitch in heat! It's been insane!

Just to let y'all know, I still have much love for my lj peeps! Extra Special shout-outs go to: auntie_christ, bondgirl007, cheesecakeluvr, fallen_fizzgig, ford, pandorakyss, rainaraina, riceeaters, shywriter, sugared_chaos, and tezyeh!!!
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